is a story about a transfer student that sends of the wrong impression from the very beginning. She mostly gets bullied, but Maria is one tough cookie to crack. As a standard rule for Mangas, its set in a high school, the characters are 16 years of age and there are two love interests.
Please follow the cut and read the recap of the first volume and my thoughts.

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90210 Episode 1.01 recap with picspam

Before starting the recap I'd like to state that I did not watch a single episode of the original series, but since it was a famous show I was familiar with the actors that took part of the series, especially Shannon Doherty since she starred in Charmed (when it was decent)

What made me decide to tune in was the promo image especially how Mr. Obnoxious looked [Yes, I'm a bit shallow ]. These were my first impression of the following characters:

After watching episodes, this is how I think of them:


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